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Libby Kirsch is an Emmy award-winning journalist with over ten years experience working in TV newsrooms of all sizes.  She draws on her rich history of making embarrassing mistakes on live TV, and is happy to finally indulge her creative writing side instead of always having to stick to the facts

Libby grew up in Columbus, Ohio, and now lives with her husband and children in Ann Arbor, Michigan. She is thrilled that the award-winning Stella Reynolds Mystery Series books have been downloaded more than 175,000 times. Books in the series have been awarded the Bronze Medal twice in the Readers Favorite International Book Awards and have been amazingly well-reviewed by Kirkus Reviews and Publishers Weekly.

From Libby:

If you were playing along with three truths and a lie on the home page, this section is for you:

True: I sang in a band. The truth is I was the lead singer in an awesome rock band in college. We called ourselves Exit 14 and played at only the best hole-in-the-wall bars on campus (including one literally named Hole in the Wall). I sang lead vocals and, god help me, managed to play the harmonica very pitifully.

True: I watched a man die. While working at a television station in Dayton, Ohio, I was assigned to be the media representative for a state execution. I had covered the inmate’s crime, trial, and ultimately, watched him take his last breath as he was put to death. It was a chilling experience–not least because he claimed to be absolutely remorseless up until the very end.

True: Emmy Award winning journalist. Yup, I have that amazing little gold statuette in my living room, after winning an Emmy for Best General Assignment Report several years ago. I was so certain I wasn’t going to win, that I didn’t even go to the awards ceremony, so my boss accepted on my behalf. I got the text that I won while eating dinner at home.

Lie: Network reporter? Nope. Never worked for a national network. After ten years in local news, I moved on, ultimately to pursue writing the books featured on this website. And I’ve never looked back!

Now that you know a lot about me, I’d love to hear from you! If you want to connect, send me an email.